MA International Relations

Be open to the world and understand the background of international news and world events.

Programme Information

Our MA in International Relations will prepare you for an international career. Throughout the programme, you will follow major global events and political and economic occurrences, which you will discuss and debate in classes. This programme is a logical next step for graduates of international relations, international studies and other social science programmes. A Master in International Relations is also an exciting opportunity if you are looking to change discipline and broaden your knowledge and skills. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of the ongoing global trends and international conflicts and participate in visits to various institutions (UN city in Vienna, regional office of UNICEF, IOM, UNHCR and NGOs operating in Budapest) and workshops – honing soft skills like communication, problem-solving, cooperation and analysis, highly valued by employers. 

The programme focuses on social sciences and international affairs, simultaneously developing your critical thinking skills. During your studies, you will examine great power politics and also the European Union's outlook for the future in the wider context of world politics. You will analyse complex international issues, understand and make predictions about the political and economic processes of international relations. 

Acquire high-level competence in foreign languages, explore negotiating techniques and the rules of protocol and become a polished professional. The programme has a multidisciplinary scope with a strong emphasis on diplomacy, international legal and world economics dimensions, which will equip you to excel in your global career. 

Corvinus’ MA in International Relations also offers a niche specialisation in East Central Europe. Master the complex socio-eco-politics of our region and evolve into an influential decision-maker in Central Eastern Europe or apply your new insights anywhere in the world. 

We accept students from a range of academic and professional backgrounds for admission onto our International Relations programme, provided you are passionate and knowledgeable about world affairs and meet the minimum credit requirements (please see below). However, a strong background in international relations, international studies or social sciences would equip you well for the programme. 

The application period for September 2022 is now closed.
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ECTS: 120
Duration: 4 semesters (2 years)
Teaching hours: 10-16 hours/week
Start date: 12 September 2022

Tuition fees (EEA): 610 000 HUF (≈ € 1 670*) per semester
Total tuition fees (EEA): 2 440 000 HUF (≈ € 6 700*)
Tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 2 900 per semester
Total tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 11 600

*Fees conversion amount may vary due to exchange rates.

Programme Specification Enquire

What you will study
Core Modules

Year 1 

  1. Comparative ForeignPolicy
  2. International Conflicts and Crises in the Post-Bipolar World
  3. International Law inPractice
  4. Global Challenges

Year 2 

  1. Non-State Actors ofWorld Politics  
  2. Human Rights
  3. InternationalDevelopment and Assistance 
  4. Contemporary Issuesin International Relations

* The above is not an exhaustive list. Corvinus University of Budapest reserves the right to change modules.


There are two remarkable scholarship opportunities available to Non-EU international students:

  • Stipendium Hungaricum (for non-EU nationals from >70 countries)
  • Diaspora scholarships (for international students with Hungarian ancestry).

Both scholarships entitle you to:

  • Free tuition for the duration of your studies
  • 43,700 HUF (c. €120) per month for the duration of your studies (for living costs)
  • University accommodation or an additional 40,000 HUF (c. €110) per month for the duration of your studies (accommodation allowance)
  • Medical insurance.

Eligibility requirements apply, so please click on “Scholarship opportunities” for more information.

Scholarship opportunities

Note: there are three ways to apply to Corvinus as an international student:

  1. Self-funded route (all applicants)
  2. Stipendium Hungaricum route – non-EU applicants only, further restrictions apply
  3. Diaspora scholarship route - non-EU nationals with Hungarian heritage only, further restrictions apply

Application Requirements 

  • Completed bachelor/undergraduate degree
  • B2 level of English
  • For more, please click here!
  • A completed higher education
  • You will take part in a preliminary interview
  • ​An essay with references has to be attached to the admission documentation on a given IR topic. The essay has to meet our professional requirements to be invited for the interview.
  • Minimum B2 knowledge in English, proven by a certificate
  • A valid passport

For Hungarian citizens

You can apply through

You can ask our student ambassador or the Student Services for further information here.

Find the application requirements here:

Read in Hungarian

Credit requirements

In Hungary, there are legal pre-requisite credit requirements to study graduate programmes.

Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements for this programme before applying.

You will need a minimum of 30 ECTS constituted from any of the following areas: 

  • Political science  
  • Social sciences and humanities (e.g. sociology, psychology, communication) 
  • Economics (e.g. statistics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance) 
  • Law and legal governance studies 

Tip: to quickly calculate your credits in ECTS, divide learning hours by 30!

Learning hours should be formally described, but can be constituted of classroom hours, private study and assessment.

More information

Traditions of International Relations MA Programme go back to decades, most of our professors graduated at Corvinus IR Institute themselves. Our objective is to share high-level knowledge in International Relations reflecting on recent trends of world affairs and equip our students with analytical skills. Our programme invites students from all around the world, this dynamic multicultural environment contributes to an easier start of your international career and offers opportunities of networking. We are looking forward to meeting you in our programme!

Dr. Bernadett Lehoczki
Programme Director


Career opportunities

Our graduates progress to roles including: Diplomatic Service Officer, Political Risk Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, International Affairs Officer, Political Affairs Officer.


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